2010 Maryland Hunt Cup

The pinnacle of steeplechase racing in the US: the Maryland Hunt Cup. There are 22 solid fences, and some appear to be more that 5 feet high, on this bruising 4 mile race for a $75000 purse. Grand National winner “Across The Sky” came across the pond to compete, and lead almost the whole way until a refusal with just a few fences to go, allowing “Twill Do” to win. It appears to me that no horse or rider was seriously hurt, but some of the jockeys took a little long to get up. That’s gotta hurt. I wonder if they could do better with those new inflatable air vests. I’ve heard from someone who closely follows these races that the horse that plowed headfirst into the ground at fence 6 was not hurt and was racing again weeks later. I’ve been riding a former timber racer for several years now, and I was very curious to see the world he came from. He most certainly did not compete at this level, but he sure has the heart these horses do and never refuses. Shot with a Lumix GH1 at 720/60P, 45-200 mm lens, except at fence 6 which was done with a Sanyo FH1 at 1080/60P. Thanks to JB for camera work.

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