2010 Millbrook Horse Trials Advanced XC

Millbrook has terrain and boy do they make good use of it! My favorite obstacle was number 23, the “Window Slide” which I like to think of as the hill of oblivion, because riders must jump a fence perched on top a steep hill from a bright sunny field into a dark forest alleyway. Once again, I look at these advanced horses and riders gasp in jaw-dropping amazement. My horse and I would not, could not do that hill, let alone the jump. Even for green eggs and ham. Kristen Bond & Are You Ready, and Buck Davidson & Ballynoecastle RM took top honors in the A and B divisions of Advanced, with Davidson getting the lowest overall score and looking good with just 7 weeks until the 2010 WEG. If it looks like I cut the scene at the wrong moment, it’s because I was having memory card issues.

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