All over the world, horses need help

Please help us today – All over the world, horses need help. Cruelty, neglect and suffering are more common than you think – overseas and in the UK. In our appeal film shows coloured gelding Cappuchino as he came into our Glenda Spooner Farm rescue and rehabilitation centre. He is just one of hundreds of horses we rescue from neglect and cruelty each year. We nurture them back to health, and find them loving new homes. We show a hard working cart horse on a rubbish dump in Honduras, Central America. World Horse Welfare help working horses in the developing world by giving their owners practical knowledge and skills to care for their horses better — and so improve their own livelihoods. We also show a horse being transported from Poland to Southern Italy, one of 65000 transported long distances across Europe to be slaughtered. We campaign for better welfare standards in laws and also in sport, which protect horses today and in the future. If you want to help make a lasting difference for horses, please give now with one donation, you can help bring lasting change to horses in the UK and around the world. Thank you.

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