Another Green Horse Class. “Texas. Behind The Vertical” Part #1

This is Texas, our newest green horse. He is being ridden by Ale Brown. Texas is a nice quiet horse, but has decided that he needs to keep his nose to his chest, or what is known as behind the vertical. He was not taught this, but seems to think this is how he should go. In this series you will see how we teach him to stretch his neck longer and open his throat latch so that he is not behind the vertical. As a result, he will change the way he is moving and responding to Ale. You can watch more Horse and Rider Awareness Do it Yourself videos by subscribing to this Youtube channel, or joining us on Facebook at Would you like to see more Horse and Rider Awareness Do it Yourself videos? Please let us know! Give us a thumbs up by liking us, sharing us with your friends, and leaving us a comment telling us what difference they are making for you. You can find more information on Randi Thompson and Horse and Rider Awareness at or joining us at http

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