Baltic Imagination – Gridwork – 13/02/11

I DO NOT CLAIM COPYRIGHT OF THE SONG USED.. First off sorry for the awful quality of the video, my camera is half dead and only works on occasions and when it does, not very well! I need to buy a new one but seem to spend to much money on the horses.. lol So this is my new ride, she is a 16.1hh swedish warmblood mare, 10yo jumped 1m30s and only a few quid off Grade B, I have like no confidence at the moment and this mare has brought it right up straight away, I feel so at home on her and she just loves loves loves her job, first time I properly rode her and jumped her today up to 1.10 and she’s just so much fun! Will be out competing her shortly… cant say how much she reminds me of May! She doesn’t have a permanent stable name just a competition name in the title.. and cos of “imagination” ive call her “immy” for short! Big thankyou to Andrea who sorted this out for me, please like our fb page.. you shall not regret! Hope you all like, lots more to come.. please no crit we hardly no eachother and I know my riding is really rusty atm! Took lady to some schooling rounds at allens hill yesterday and she didnt nap once, hopefully cracked her! Thank you for all the comments and subs, 4200..! simply amazing.. xx

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