Bubbles Goes to Tweseldown! BIG JUMPIES!

Took Bubbles to Tweseldown for schooling. His first visit there! And he was incredible. We jumped the novice and intermediate fences they had available. And had an absolutely fantastic time!!!! He jumped some incredibly beefy fences that he was an utter star to jump. Gave me a super ride around the fences and felt super fit even at the end of the session! We only had one camera woman (Becka Foster THANK YOU!) so have pictures of some and videos of others! Mostly got pictures of the huge fences as a keep-sake. So yer, let me know what you think of the super Bubbly horse. still new to this cross country stuff. His 4th time xc ever. It’s incredible how much he trusts me, especially over fences of that size and on long or short shots, narrow or wide fences, he didnt care!! Again a huge thank you to Becka Foster for taking the pictures and videos and generally being a huge help! Becka has a youtube account, it is: www.youtube.com

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