Buddy & Mr. T Cool Off in Water – Sacking Out to Mud – Rick Gore Horsemanship

Stupid Camera, I thought it adjust view if I turn it, but as you can tell, if you turn it after you start filming, it does not change. Anyway, I thought we were going to go swimming and turned out to just let the horses cool off. Spending time in water, with muddy soft bottom will help get your horse used to walking in mud or water. A lot of horses appear to not like water or mud, this is natural since their instincts tell them to avoid places they cannot run from, they are flight animals that depend on their speed, so anything we do to prevent that is un natural and creates fear and stress. Things like Pain bits, tie downs, trailer loading, stalls, hobbles, mud and water all are odd and horses will resist and try and avoid. Horses do best what they do most, exposure is a form of sacking out, getting a horse over his fear and helping him grow past his instincts. Avoiding these things are easier but it sets a horse up to fail in the long term, so every time you horse shows fear or stress or concern that is your clue to help the horse grow past his instincts and help him become comfortable with things his instincts tell him not to do. Like having a predator sitting on his back or many other things that stupid humans see as normal, it is not, it is simply a horse accepting and learning things against his natural instincts. iPhone tip: When filming with iPhone the phone must be in the horizontal position before you start filming. Once you hit record, whatever position the

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