Casper End Of April

MY WEBSITE IS WWW.JKEQUESTRIAN.COM! 🙂 Ok, Well firstly i dont want any crit what so ever i dont really care whaty ou have to say hes 4 year old so were not going to be the most picturesk combination but we get over the fences and hes improving so thats all that matters. i know he is overbent so if you feel the need to point this out then its pointless because i know this already and it is serving a purpose so yeah basically myself and my instrucotr know what we are doing so i dont need people to tell me over a computer screen!! ok this is casper over the last few weeks brought him back into jumping once a week now and he is now in a dressage saddle for flat which he is going really well in ! he jumped his first ever course and first ever fillers in this video his first doubles and related distances im very pleased with him hes grown up a hell of a lot! 🙂 and becaue people always seem to ask hes 16.3hh a zangersheide and he is going to turn white lol! I DONT OWN THE MUSIC! thanks for watching 🙂

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