Casper May

took him to chloes for his first ever outing and he was good as gold did all the fillers first time and he doesnt hollow over fences hardly at all anymore really pleased with the progress no1 else may be able to see it but i can definatley feel it! love my pony. to my critques seens as if i write no crit you dont listen if you feel it really nessessery to put me down feel free but unless you havent noticed it doesnt work i still put up videos still ride and still manage to improve my horses 🙂 enjoy sorry its a bit boring but i havent really been doing that much with him recently hes been having a bit of a chillax but going to start riding him a bit more hopefully 3-4 times a week 🙂 the biggest juump in the video is about 3ft-3ft3 🙂 and its his birthday on monday 😀 x I DONT OWN OR CLAIM TO OWN THE MUSIC!

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