Get well soon May – “We can fight our way back in to the light, one inch at a time”

NO COPYRIGHT CLAIMED ON THE MUSIC USED. * PLEASE READ * May has broken her cannon bone, she is on 4 weeks box rest and sedation until her next xray, I am praying for her to be okay, if she isn’t I really don’t know what I would do. She did it in the field being a typical hyper 4 year old. No easy way to say this really other than I am completely gutted and have well and truly never felt so crap, and I feel so sorry for May :'(. To see your horse go through something like this is one of the worst things possible, but I know we are lucky that she is a true fighter, she is the most talented horse I have ever met, with the biggest heart and personality, she never misbehaves or questions anything, any mistakes she makes, she makes them once and only once. We have the best partnership you could ask for, we both trust each other and we are always smiling. Yeah she can be a biatch on the ground and uses her strength against you but as soon as her tacks on she is that horse I have always dreamed of, and I am so lucky to have her. To say I am proud of this horse is an understatement, for those who don’t know I bought her as an unbroken 2 year old from my good friend Debbie and Whirlwind Stud, she was a nightmare for the first year and a half, I got told to sell her because she was useless and talentless but I believed in her, once I broke her in she was a saint, and I have never looked back. As soon as I saw her in the stable at the stud I had no doubt in my mind she was my ticket

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