Helping a Horse to Push Past Fear- Making the Right Answer Easy- Rick Gore Horsemanship Here I show a scared horse that is insecure of a new pressure point or pressure situation. The horse has been exposed to these hanging hay strings for months but has avoided them and has not gone through them. Why? She has not had to, so why take the chance. Unless pressured or made, she will avoid pressure and seek comfort or seek the easy way. Going past the strings was not easy for her, so she avoided them.. So since I wanted her to go past these and grow, so she would not have to continue to be afraid, I wanted to help get past her fear. So I had to make the right answer easy and make the right answer the only answer. I did this by blocking the horse’s escape path, which WAS the easy way, and make her make a choice between staying where she was or to go past the perceived scary strings. You will see she chooses to stay in a small area for a while. So after a while of letting her figure it out, I try and make the right answer easier than before, I moved the stings out of way a bit and made it easier for her to find the right answer. This removed some pressure. After some pressure and removing some pressure she finally went past the strings on her own. After this video she went past it several times and was having fun with her new found confidence, almost like showing off that she could do it. Now she does not have to be worried about them and does not have to be fearful of what might happen, she now knows she can get past things that may

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