Herd Behavior Gathering or Herding for Comfort- Pressure & Release- Cow Babe Bull Horse Donkey

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Wanted to point out how different herd animals gather to rest and relax for comfort. Two separate herds with meet to rest and relax even thou both herds are different. One herd is a Bull, 2 cows, a baby and a donkey, with the other herd two horses. The social and safety drive of herd animals is very strong and too many people ignore this with domesticated horses. Horses should not caged, stalled or locked in solitude, it changes who they are mentally and physically and NOT for the good.

Seeing horses as a horse and not as a pet that needs to be controlled, protected and saved will give horses a better more natural life and will make for better more stabilized and reliable horses.

I normally don’t say never or always in many things, especially in horses, but horses should never be locked up or kept alone – even when medically issues are present, a horse alone will have greater stress, take longer to heal and will not heal as fast. A horses social need is a huge part of their survival need and removing that hurts the horse.

Buddy and Mr. T – you are good boys.

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