Horse Behavior- Dominance -Opposition Reflex- Prey vs Predator- Human View- Rick Gore Horsemanship – Watching a Stud steal a mare, gelding keeping mare from another gelding, dominance behavior from competing geldings. The problems with seeing things as a human or a girl or a loving horse owner verses seeing things from a horse’s point of view. Talking about striking, pawing, tail swishing, arched neck, high head, ear pinning, kicking and high horse showing he is higher. It is about understanding horses so you can appropriately see things as they are and NOT as many want to explain them. **Notice in the first few seconds, if you go full screen, you will see this lower new gelding take a shot at Mr. T and bite him in the next, this horse would not do this in open pasture, he felt safe and felt Mr. T was trapped and he was able to run so he took a bite out of Mr. T, when his butt gets in pasture, that will not happen again. I had to throw in some petty horse people action. Also you can see how I trained my horses to be mean to women horses since I don’t like women. 🙂 (lol, freaking horse people) I have links to opposition reflex and the Guy in the Glass below. Link to Opposition Reflex Link to “Guy in the Glass”

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