Horse Eye Wash & Care – Human Medicine VS Equine -Part 2 – Rick Gore Horsemanship In part 1, I talk about eyewash and different types. Here I will be actually putting it in the horse’s eye. I talk about sand, dust, sun, hay and pollen that can irritate horse’s eyes. This wash will help make your horse feel better and keep the eye healthy. DO NOT USE JUST WATER TO “OVER WASH” THE EYE. IDIOT WARNING NOTICE: Things like eye wash and other external medicines may be used on horses but NOT ALL human medicine work on horses. The comments have turned into a medical review, to why Walmart buys from China. As I say in many videos and on my release, DO NOT SUBSTITUTE MY OPINION FOR YOUR OWN. Your horse, your responsibility. I cannot cover ever example that seems important to every viewer. Here is link to Part 1: There are hidden barn witches in this video, watch for the clue to where they are.

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