Horse Tip on Mud or Path Areas – Using Hay in Low Spots or Mud Areas – Buddy & Mr. T Horsemanship – Real Natural Horsemanship

Just quick tip to prevent mud and slow down the removal of dirt and mud from your heavy path ways that horses travel.

Any extra, old, moldy or left over hay can be racked and moved to low areas, path areas or potentially muddy areas. Putting out before a rain is better, but even after a rain or after mud is present, throwing hay or straw will help firm up the ground, put a layer over the mud so more mud is not carried away by the horses walking over it.

Another option for mud areas is old carpet, I did some other videos and where ever I park my trailer, if not on a hard surface, I lay out some old carpet, it helps keep the mud down and stops the grass and weeds from over taking your trailer area.

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