How To Ride a Horse Bitless – Without a Bit – Rope Halter – “Lecture” – Rick Gore Horsemanship Here I talk about all the questions I get about riding in a rope halter. Any horse that can be ridden in a bit can be ridden in a rope halter. It is up to the person to learn how to do it so they set the horse to succeed and do it and show the horse it can run past it. ONE REIN is the key. If you can’t ride with one rein and fill comfortable then you should ride in a rope halter. You have to EXPERIENCE stopping and controlling a horse with only one rein. Most people pull on BOTH reins and teach a horse to brace and pull. No rider will admit it, but you will know it as soon as you take away two reins. Find the best rider you know and take two reins away and give them one rein, you will get more damn excuses how this is dangerous, not safe, the horse does not know, my horse will run off, you can’t control a horse with one rein, then you will know this rider is full of crap. Any and every horse person should be able to ride a horse with just ONE rein, if they can’t then they have no business trying to ride any horse any way. I have seem the best most experienced riders I know jump off horses when one rein breaks since they have never learned how to ride with one rein and they are convinced that a horse will run off and can’t be controlled with just one rein. RIDE YOUR HORSE WITH ONE REIN AND LEARN THAT YOU CAN CONTROL, STOP AND RIDE WITH ONLY ONE REIN. THEN WHEN YOU RIDE IN A ROPE HALTER YOU WILL KNOW TO ONLY USE ONE REIN AND YOU WILL BE FINE. Here

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