How to Teach a Horse to Chew On Lead Ropes – Rick Gore Horsemanship Horse are habit and routine animals. They do best what they do most. They learn by doing. When teaching horses you make the right thing easy. Putting ropes where a horse hangs out and is bored will make it EASY for a horse learn how to chew on ropes. Not sure how no Stupid Humans can seem to grasp this concept. Once horses learn something, it is much HARDER to UN-teach that. So once horses learns to chew on lead ropes, they will always find comfort in chewing on lead ropes, so whenever a horse is tied, or bored, which normally happens when tied, the horse will chew on ropes, finding comfort in doing something they know and what they have learned the easy way from the STUPID HUMANS. Shortcuts, the easy way, the fast way, being in a hurry, trying to save time, trying faster ways are all ways to FAIL with horses. “If you take the time it takes, it will take less time” Then the Stupid Humans will blame the horse and call the horse stupid for chewing on lead ropes and correct the horse and hit the horse and create other problems trying to undo what they did.

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