I’ll spread my wings and learn how to fly, I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky.

NO COPYRIGHT CLAIM ON THE MUSIC USED….. Took May out today to a clear round, all by herself! Loaded perfectly there and back, behaved ridiculously well, and didn’t put a foot wrong. Jumped a skinny for the first time, and a course of 10 fences which she hasn’t done before! Got an unlucky pole off a sharp corner, but hey can’t be perfect all the time can she! The course was built for a ODE at the weekend with tricky turns so not really baby horse friendly but she managed well, then had a school over a couple of single fences to get her thinking, she needs to slow down alot as now she has got fitter and bigger she is really strong and just wants to jump jump jump!! Going to give her a break from jumping down concerntrate on flatwork, main aims for this year is 4yo class at Addington in August, maybe Scope and the 4yos at Arena UK festival in September……. exciting!!!! She finds this all very easy and after jumping bigger at home 70cm is abit toooooooo easy! But didnt want to over phase her.. Thanks for all the supportive comments, videos, pictures and just everything, your all incredible, and also the support on the hate site “ihateissyandjazz” very pathetic, but quite funny how sad they are.. love my horse, she is a dream 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx no crit, shes a baby and she is learning!

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