Kid Kicked by Wild Herd Horses While Parents Decide What Color of Helmet to Buy – Stupid Men

Stop pushing your helmet fears on others. This kid was hurt with no helmet and it was because of stupidity not because the kid did not have a helmet on. Using common sense, which is not common, will keep you safer around horses than just wearing a helmet. A larger bit will not make you safer, a matching pink helmet and safety jacket will not make you safer if you do stupid things. Your confidence, your understanding of horses, your ability to think and predict behavior will keep you safe around horses.

These horses are a wild herd, they have been and were being taught that humans are a food source. They are also learning that humans are LOWER in the pecking order, humans move away from us, humans show fear of us, humans don’t listen to our body language so we have to kick them to make them listen, ALL BAD LESSONS BEING TAUGHT.

The parents caused this to happen, the adults, that should know better caused this, they set it up and I could have scripted it before I saw it. Lack of knowledge and understanding is the biggest threat your safety. So the helmet lovers that think everything will be great and perfect as long as you wear a helmet are living in la la land. Stop the insanity and ignorance. Take responsibility for what you do and stop blaming others.

I see 10 times the people getting hurt wear helmets? why is that? because they do things they would not do without a helmet and that drops their awareness and they don’t pay attention as well since they have a helmet. It is like swimming with floaters or floatees on, if you never take them off you will feel safe swimming without them.

Riding, owning and handling horses is not for whimps – it can be dangerous and people get hurt, it YOU CAN’T HANDLE THAT, then don’t do it.

No horses were hurt in this video, no irresponsible adults were hurt in this video and the child was hurt, learned an expensive valuable lesson and my guess is that horse saved this kid’s life in the future, since I have a feeling that this kid WILL NOT WALK BEHIND ANOTHER HORSE FOR A LONG TIME. Good horsy lesson. Too bad the stupid humans did not learn it earlier.

Here is a link to my article on Helmets I did years ago:

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