Lady, May, Todd & Jimbo – ” only patience & time cures inexperience and mistakes”

I DO NOT CLAIM COPYRIGHT OF THE SONGS USED IN THIS VIDEO :)! Sorry for the shittness of video, just kinda bunged a load of random clips together so can update you all on my accident prone horses!!! I have now moved all of them to the same yard as Todd, which is sooo nice I love it there but im really gonna miss greenacres.. especially ezzy and solo! But will still see them a lot I hope!! Updated on the horses: Lady: Has been going really nicely at home, jumped like 1m45 the other week.. shes been such a babe and was planning on taking her out this weekend.. but shes lame! ): shes taken a bash to her pastern joint and its really swollen, so shes on bute until shes better.. god knows when but ughhh so annoyed! As dunno whether she will be ready for county workers next month! ): had serious thoughts about her, and I just have this urge to give her another chance. Might take her to summerhouse unaff, and then take her to bsja there and do a BN and a Disco or something and see how she takes it, but we will see as I just want her sound first! Seriously love her lots! May: Jumped out her field AGAIN. Cut her shoulder, but thats all fine now, she was 3 on Tuesday! (May 18th) but shes been having teeth issues, some of you have probably seen the photos, and she had to have an operation today which went really well, and I should be riding her in the next week or so, fingers crossed its all healed well! Wont bore you with the details of what happened with her teeth as its a very long

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