Loose Baby Calf – Pressure & Release – Herd Draw – Bull TCB – Rick Gore Horsemanship

A baby cow gets separated from herd and is on the other side of the fence and cannot get back to his mom or the herd. I attempt to use pressure to push the calf to an opening in the fence.

A bull in the herd is not too concerned about the loose calf and is doing his best to replace it with a new calf. (TCB)

The herd at one point charges me in an attempt to push me, intimidate and put pressure on me to leave the calf alone.


A lady came riding up on a horse and the calf ran up to her, her horse spooked and reared and she fell off her horse. Her horse ran off home, she limped away with her helmet on blaming the calf and the stupid horse. A few minutes later her husband came back with a gun and shot the calf for hurting his wife.

This situation could have been avoided if the horse and rider were better prepared and sacked out more appropriately. The lady could not believe she got hurt since she was using a big bit and had a helmet on. She is now going to sell the horse since it is now a dangerous horse.

Lol, just kidding, the above story unfortunately happens every day in the horse world, but it did not happen today. I eventually pushed the calf up the road to a house and forced the calf to an open gate and the calf ran back to herd unarmed. It took about 30 mins, but worth it to see the little one running all happy back to mom and the herd. 🙂

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