May and Lady – 17/03/11

I DO NOT CLAIM COPYRIGHT OF THE SONG USED.. Really short bad quality video! Forgot camera so took a few clips on my iphone which has pants quality! Lady and May doing a few fences today, were both really good!! Lady hasn’t jumped for abit and she really jumps soo much better after a break! Popped a nice 1.25 oxer like it was nothing! May is coming on leaps and bounds, she is really starting to judge fences well now, and gives you such a great feeling, popped her up to 90cm! She is getting much more balanced etc, taking her SJ schooling next week then will start taking her out to some schooling/unaffiliated rounds before affiliating her for the summer season! No crit, my riding is rusty but the horses are both going great! Enjoy, love the girls!

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