Miracles can happen;?

– I do not claim copyright of song used on this video. Thought I would make a video of my two girls 🙂 All new footage in this! (for once) haha. Lady has come back in to work like a complete dream, you wouldn’t of thought she had any time off! Im aloud to jump her on saturday! Eeeeek, well excited! Only small grids next week then the week after back to normal, so will help with both of our confidence, im really chuffed with the outcome of all this, kinda prooves miracles can happen. Hence the title. On the may side of things she is just a total legend, i love her to pieces, her character is HUGE she stole my orange ice lolly the other day and keeps knicking my drinks! haha love her, shes come on alot aswell with her leading as when she first arrived she had a tendency to pull me accross the field. But she has every right to as she is only 2. Which i keep forgetting as shes so mature! Btw please excuse me wearing wellies when schooling Lady, due to my bad foot they are the only things i can put on! and they are dads so they are nice and big haha. Also a clip of me washing lady of with mums new device of washing off, made me laugh, and please excuse the hat hair 🙂 biiig thankyou to chris [crizstar] .. makes me want to never give up and always puts a smile on my face:) thankyou, silvers amazing (: and alsoo, i have an update on blue, all those who knew him, he is safe and fine and have heard from his owners, really pleased as i miss him tonnes! just glad i have may :)xx

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