My sorry attempt at cross country….. LOL

No crit, May had never seen a tyre or log in her life, wasnt intending on doing this!! I went for her first gallop and she was incredible, she stopped so easily and she is still in a hackamoor!! I then did abit of schooling on the grass and got a good stride to the tyres and got a bit carried away haha, I am no event rider and I don’t intend to be, just a bit of fun as I think it does them good to do different things whilst they are young. Took May out for her first EVER time today. Hired equestrian centre and silly me forgot the camera! I got a few pictures on my phone which can be seen on my facebook. She was a complete dream, jumped a 75-90 course and behaved the whole time and loaded very well. Also took Lady for a jump round and she jumped incredibly also. I am SO proud of this horse I cannot even begin to put it in to words, I thought she was going to be so difficult to produce because she was so naughty on the ground when I got her and still can be a cow. But as soon as she has a saddle on she changes, she was born to be a star! Hope you like, if I get critisism then it will simply be deleted, I have a trainer to tell me where I go wrong, and I know I am not perfect!!

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