Operant and Classical conditioning in horses – Stimulus Response Reward- Rick Gore Horsemanship

www.thinklikeahorse.org Here I try and explain how horses and other animals learn from conditioned responses. I discuss the difference between Operate and Classical conditioning and how using “Stimulus-Response-Reward” to help you communicate with your horse. This is part one of two videos. If you understand this principle you can see it in your everyday life as you what gets people to do certain things, from buying food to stopping at red light, it all stimulus, response, reward. Understanding this will help you see that a horse is only a reflection of what you. So what you do (stimulus) to what your horse does (response) will determine if your horse should get reward (release of pressure) or gets the reward withheld (more pressure). A lot of advanced horsemanship is how you look at things, how you see things and then how you react to those things.

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