Pressure & Release Used to Help and Rescue Baby Bear Cubs – Rick Gore Horsemanship

THIS IS NOT ME IN THIS VIDEO – But this is a good little video and it demonstrates a little pressure and release and how it works and you can see it.

Notice the mama bear does not leave, but she yields to pressure has the loud bid truck puts pressure on her. Mama backs away and yields to that pressure and as soon as the big loud truck moves away, releases pressure, Mama comes back.

This was a good kind thing to help these cubs and this mama bear and it was dangerous and the people had to take risk. Risk and Reward, the greater the risk the bigger the reward. These people could have easily said this is too dangerous, we might get hurt, this is NOT safe and left. That would have been easy. They did not take the easy way, they challenged themselves, took risk and took themselves out of their comfort zone and helped someone in need.

This is the point I try and make with all the safety police in the horse world, if you need knee pads, neck brace, helmets, bubble wrap body suit to feel safe, maybe your fear is control you and your horse knows it.

I like this video and it brought a make my heart warm. Maybe by sharing this, it may show a different look at people behavior in the face of fear, pressure and release and how taking a risk is NOT always bad.

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