Quick Whirlwind – Gridwork – 19/04/11

NO COPYRIGHT CLAIMED ON THE SONGS USED………. First of all, NO CRIT!!! This horse has been produced slowly and correctly, some 2 year olds jump 1m80 loose, so her jumping this once at her age will not damage her in anyway and she is not being “abused”! May is going so so so so so so well, she is just a dream, my dream!!! Did a grid with her today in preperation for her first show on sunday, she jumped up to 1m20, easy peasy!!! I am SO excited for this horses future, everything is like 2nd nature to her, and I love the fact I have taught her everything she knows. She is still being ridden in a hackamore and listens to me all the time. She is so sensitive, and seriously my horse of a lifetime, I have such huge hopes for this horse, and I cannot wait for our future. Arie is sold now, and is in his new home!! so happy with where he has gone, I have huge exciting news soon, and then in a few months I am going to holland to buy another youngster………. yipee!!!!! Zitah our broodmare is off to studd tomorrow and is being put in foal to mays dad, so i will have mays half brother or sister to jump along side her in a few years!! Also started my BHS course to become fully qualified instructor… 😀 Thanks everyone for all your support, your all incredible and I love you!!! hugs and kisses from may xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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