Quick Whirlwind; ‘you need that one special horse, and i think shes the one’ ?

** I DO NOT CLAIM COPYRIGHT OF SONG USED IN THIS VIDEO ** 4 months on 2nd of November. Sorry its a bit late! Will be 5 months before I know it! Haha. Sorry for the lack of videos of her recently. The dark nights etc mean that its hard to record and I keep forgetting the camera. Things we have done since the last video? -Loose jumped over jumps up to about 80-90cm she FLEW. -Bitted!!! Yes she has had a bit in, and loves it. On her 2 and a half birthday 😉 -Cracked all the leading issues. -Cracked her rug phobia -And I am now in love with her 100 x more LOL. I actually love this horse so so so much. After having a bad day with Lady and everything to come home to her just make everything worth while. She just never fails to amaze me, she has grown quite a lot as well and is quite bum high! Lol. Officially 171 days until her 3rd birthday, im so so so excited! I seriously have very high hopes for May, I really think shes that horse that ive been waiting for all this time :/ So yeah guys please tell me what you think! Will have Lady video shortly. Just need to sort her head out. She is being a right mardy bugger at the moment haha. Love you all(:?

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