Sacking Out a Horse to a Water Fall – Loud Noise – Scary things – Rick Gore Horsemanship I am always getting many questions on sacking out, Desensitizing, or sensory work. When a horse gets scared, it is your job to help the horse learn that fear is ok, but running or NOT listening to you is NOT ok. Helping a horse deal with his fear is your job. Avoiding Fear teaches a horse to avoid fear. Dave sticks with this, does not give up on the horse and does not give the horse release from this pressure/fear until he gets less or no resistance and helps the horse grow. Mr. T and Buddy were both nervous at first and then you see they both are relaxed after filming this for a while. Some time just sitting, facing and letting a horse know he can stand when he is scared, helps a horse learn how to deal with fear better. If you let your horse be afraid and try to talk to him about it or try and comfort him with a cookie or let him run away since he is scared, you only teach the horse that fear and avoiding fear is the right answer. IN FACT, it is the wrong answer. This is why sacking out, helping your horse deal with his fear is so important, and it is a long-term job. NO HORSE is every dead broke or fully sacking out. This is a common misnomer in the horse world. Remember the first rule of horses; NEVER believe anything anyone tells you. So when someone tells you a horse is Dead Broke or is Fully Sacked Out, you know they are full of BS. So if you say it, then you are full of BS. Don’t be full of BS. Horses are always learning, as they get older

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