Stupid Man Makes Jumping Horse Scared & Flips on Girl – Rick Gore Horsemanship Lecture – This stupid man is your typical male that thinks he knows everything. This is why woman are smarter and better than men are. Only listen to women, any man that says he knows horses is an idiot. —– End of Barn Witch Project —— LMAO – This project is to see how many bitter barn witches rush to watch this video to prove they are right. People that want to hate for any reason will always seek out things to prove they are right, build their ego and stroke their brilliant wisdom. This will prove, by how many hits this video will get, that their horsewoman that just cruse YouTube to find things that they agree with and prove their own beliefs. They are not trying to grow or challenge themselves, they are not looking to improve their horse’s lives, they are looking to prove they are right, they are “right fighters” and that is NOT GOOD FOR THE HORSE. For others that will actually read this description and watch the video, they will listen and understand that what I am saying and doing is trying to help the horse get a better life. Here is a link to my definition of Barn Witches: I would like the people, mostly women, with a brain and understanding of this channel and my videos to please comment on how they identify a Barn Witch and share their experiences of how these know-it-alls make barns a miserable place and how they interfere with people trying to enjoy and spend quality time with their horse. I am sure there are

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