The horse that proved to me anything is possible.

NO COPYRIGHT CLAIMED. PLEASE READ. I know i said no more videos, but thought id put this on anyway as she went beautifully yesterday i thought id share it with you lady fans, at the moment she is being compared to well bred warmblood horses who are currently jumping the moon in the ring, this horse has the capabilities of jumping the moon, but she is so complicated, she is a 15hh welsh x irish, her sire side is show jumping bred, thats where she gets her jump from, she is also a chestnut mare, very tempremental, very fiery, with alot of attitude, lady has jumped double clear newcomers, but we didnt get placed as were too slow, probably because really she wanted to flirt with all the boys in the collecting ring!! she naps, she rears, she fights with me, she is naughty, she doesnt load, but when have i ever said this horse is ever going to take me to the top? shes made me realise what i want to do with my life, and she owes me nothing, i have such fun on her, and whilst im on the search for another young horse to produce along side may, im having the time of my life on her and trying to correct my bad habbits on her rather than on may as i dont want to pass them to her!! people have said i will never get to where i want to get to, because im not doing it now, at 17, i would like everyone to please google Vicky Tulloch, a good friend of mine, who was 20 when she bought her 4yo for little money, produced her, and has now won over 80k, won the international stair way competed

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