The Very Lucky Ponies of the Victorian Bushfires


The Victorian bushfires have pulled at the heartstrings of certainly everyone in Australia and around the world and while the devastation has caused massive heartbreak for those that have lost loved ones, it’s easy to forget that there are estimates that over 1 million animals were lost, including native species, pets, and livestock.

Support from around the country to treat the injured has been massive, with vets donating their time and leaving their practices in other states to travel to Victoria to help out.

Amongst it all there are some amazing stories emerging of how animals, and in particular, horses, managed to escape the fires. Horses have been found in areas where everything else around them perished. Horses have an inate instinct to jump through flames to get to burnt ground, and many have been found with singed faces and legs, but no major injuries.

Another story is how a horse saved it’s owners life by pushing him into a dam. The horse also survived.

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