“There is a fence there my love!!”

A short clip of Lady jumping the other week and Ezzy’s commentary just makes me laugh so much ahha, the idea was to TURN around the fence but Lady locked on to the arena fence! THANK GOD she didn’t jump it, there is a ditch the other side and I am definitely no cross country rider!!! hahaha, she was pinging this day, babe! Just wanted to say, I have deleted everyone I don’t know personally off facebook, I have never had a huge issue before but a small minority started getting very bitchy towards me and I got sick of not knowing who it was, I had a lot of people adding my family and boyfriend as well. I appreciate the support you all give me SO much and honestly 99% of you are all lovely I just feel I want to keep my personal life a bit seperate, but I have made a seperate horsey facebook to update you all.. so please like it! www.facebook.com I have a 148 5yo reg Connemara jumping pony coming in soon to be sold so if any of you junior BSJA riders need a new addition drop me an email, its very talented bound to be a JA! Hope your all well and enjoying Summer 🙂 Issy & co xxxxxxx

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