Unsafe Horse Trailer- Putting a Horse in Danger- Horse Loses Eye- Good Horsemanship Protects Horses

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For the idiots that will post this is OK and no horse will jump out here is a picture that shows you are an idiot and don’t know what you are talking about.

Driving down the road & saw horses sticking their heads out the window of trailer. This may be common, it may be normal for some and many may think it is perfectly fine and safe. My opinion it is unsafe and exposes the horse possible injury or loss of eye.

At 55 MPH a pebble, rock, piece of wood, a plastic straw, cup, soda can, road tar, and many other things can easily poke an eye, fly into a horses ear canal, chip a tooth and other cuts and injuries. Any injury or pain can cause a horse to jump, rear, back up, spook, which can cause him to fall down kick another horse, kick a wall and hurt his leg.

I see far too many risks here to take the chance WITH MY HORSE. When you allow things or put your horse in a position to get hurt, the Horse has NO choice. If you make the decision don’t set your horse up to fail and pay for your decisions.

I am sure someone will say dogs hang their heads out the window? The same dangers are there for dogs as well.

Here is a video what a horse tried to jump out of a trailer for the idiots that say this is fine:

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