Arie – 21/11/10

I DO NOT CLAIM COPYRIGHT OF SONG USED IN THIS VIDEO. Sorry for the crappy quality etc! Was getting dark and my video camera is slowly dying, it decided to work today, you can probably guess what I will be asking for christmas!? This is Arie jumping after his physio and my operation which both went well! Only up to 1m, but it felt so fun and its great to be back in the saddle, he is just loving life at the moment! Got a lesson tuesday then off to summerhouse wednesday weather permiting for some schooling! If all goes to plan I may even be daring and go to solihul at the weekend! This horse just makes everything fun, and I hope this shows that I dont jump big all the time.. 🙂 thanks for all your lovely comments and messages ive been getting your all incredible also youtube, stop removing my music, how many times do i have to say i do not own it!? JEEZ. any questions just pm me 🙂 enjoy and love you all .. xxx

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