Horse Health

25 MARCH 2012

Rider Induced Veterinary Problems

In this video published in 2013 John O’Leary from Horse Problems Australia talks about rider induced veterinary problems, including the inappropriate use of side reins and the Pony Club system that allows the majority of kids being to allowed to ride around “Flexed Off” resulting in veterinary horse problems iin the longer term. John O’Leary […]

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16 NOVEMBER 2011

Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of your horse’s rations?

Exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Saracen Horse Feeds manufacturing plant in Kent. Saracen Horse Feeds produce a full range of feeds to cater for all equine nutritional needs and they are a company that prides itself on delivery high quality rations using only the best ingredients available. The process of putting together such […]

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