FEI World Cup Vaulting 2012/13 Munich – Male top 3

Lukas Klouda representing the Czech Republic was the strongest in the male category. The 28-year-old, who is based in Cologne, won the first round on Radix SB lunged by Maria Imhäuser collecting 8,598 points. After a disappointing performance in the FEI World Vaulting Championships in Le Mans (FRA) in August where he placed seventh, he was happy to be back at the top. “I’m looking forward for the next qualifiers,” he commented. He was complimented on his significant improvement by Nadia Ehning, the most successful vaulter of all times, who was watching the competition live.

In the next round Klouda was second only to the 23-year-old German Viktor Brüsewitz on Lazio lunged by Alexander Hartl. Brüsewitz was the best in the Final but despite his result of 8,693 points, he could not overtake Klouda. “In the first round I was not able to show my best,” the German vaulter said. “But today it was fun to perform. I had great confidence in my horse,” he added.

The third place went to Torben Jacobs from Cologne who performed on the same horse as the winner. He finished on 8,254 and secured eight World Cup points.

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