Pliance Saddle Pressure Mapping in Rising Trot

The left-hand side of the screen shows the data that is being remotely transmitted from the pressure pad beneath the saddle. The right-hand screen is a video of the horse’s movements coinciding with what is being shown on the left.

The image on the left represents a view of the saddle from directly above. The front of the saddle is at the bottom of the screen and the back of the saddle is at the top. The colours represent the different pressures being exerted on the horses back along with the corresponding location. The central colour bar shows how the colours change as the pressure increases: blue/black = no pressure/ green = medium pressure/ yellow = high pressure.

Horse and rider are in rising trot on the left rein and on the correct diagonal. You can see that as the horse trots that the pressures on his back move around according to which foreleg is on the ground and whether the rider is sitting or rising on that beat.

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